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The term return to player (RTP) refers to the return percentage of the slot machine, that is, how much the slot pays the user over long distances. Return is always less than 100% . For example, if this parameter is equal to 96% , then the remaining 4% is the advantage of the casino, which allows it to make a profit. And 96% is how much a player can get from perfect bets.

The return percentage is set by the software manufacturer. Casinos do not affect him.

RTP shows how much a player can return from invested funds. But this figure cannot be taken literally. The value is averaged and works for a long session. The slots themselves operate on the basis of a random number generator, and their results cannot be predicted. Therefore, one visitor can hit the jackpot already at the first spin, and the other can not get anything by making large deposits. However, slots with high returns are still considered winning. For those who want to receive a payout, it is better to choose them.

A return of 96–97% is considered high. You can find slots where the value reaches 98‒99%.


The advantages of high-performance devices are as follows:

  • The most profitable slots increase the chances of winning. So, with a return of 95%, the user loses 5% from each bet, and if this value is 98%, then 2%. The difference seems to be small. But taking into account long distances, the second device is much more profitable.
  • In such slots, the chances of getting a big win are higher. In this case, volatility must be taken into account.
  • lots with high returns are suitable for wagering bonus money. By placing bets in them, the user will quickly fulfill the conditions for the wager.

Many slot machines have a wide range of bets, so they are suitable for beginners and high rollers.

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Under the dispersion understand the deviation from the mathematical expectation. In devices, it can have three levels:

  1. Low. Winnings fall out often, but in a small amount.
  2. Medium. The frequency and amount of payments are balanced.
  3. High. Combinations appear rarely, but are well rewarded.

Dispersion in slot machines is determined taking into account RTP and volatility.

High dispersion machines require patience. Before an expensive combination falls out, you will have to wait out a series of empty spins. But such endurance is generously rewarded: winnings have high coefficients. This feature encourages online casino customers to choose dispo machines. As a rule, there is no such sorting method in the lobby, but on some sites, games are filtered by volatility.


By choosing the most disposable slots, the user claims to receive large payouts. Even a small bet theoretically brings five figures. In many machines, such multipliers are rare. Disp video slots are available from most well-known providers. NetEnt, Endorphina, BetSoft and other manufacturers released slots with high odds.

Devices of this type are ideal for experienced players. It does not require a complex strategy. It is enough to spin the reels and wait for a good combination to fall out. Many slot machines have a progressive jackpot. The maximum prize in them is constantly growing until someone breaks the jackpot.


To get a win, the user will need to make a lot of spins. This will not suit online casino customers who love variety. You won’t be able to change slots often. A long session will require you to spend a large amount on the game. Due to the low frequency of combinations, bets will pay off for a long time. The user will need an impressive bankroll. However, there is no guarantee that a big win will fall out.

Not all high variance slots have prize features, and if they do, they are rarely triggered. Usually these are free spins. These machines are not suitable for wagering bonuses from online casinos. If the client receives a prize, it will be difficult for him to meet the limits on terms and rates. Despite these nuances, devices with high dispersion are popular with players.


The percentage of return is calculated empirically. Moreover, it is necessary to make a lot of spins – from 500 and above. Independent laboratories perform thousands of spins of the reels to accurately calculate the return.

It is not necessary to play for money to evaluate the return. You can run the machine in demo mode, that is, for free, and calculate the amount of return and bets as a result.

RTP percentage is calculated by the formula:

/ C * 100 = RTP, where:

  • B — is the amount of winnings.
  • C — money spent on bets.

For example, C is equal to 2500. The amount of winnings received as a result of 500 spins, that is, B, was 2380 coins. So the RTP is:
2380 / 2500 * 100 = 95.2 percent.

It is usually not necessary to determine the return, since the manufacturer himself indicates this information. However, such a calculation allows you to evaluate in practice the chances of winning and choose a strategy.

RTP often changes with bet size. The larger it is, the higher this indicator. Manufacturers usually indicate the percentage of return when playing with the maximum bet.


Slots with a high return percentage are presented in the catalog of many casinos. When choosing a site, the following criteria should be considered:

  • License. It is important to choose sites that work under official permission. License information is posted on the website.
  • Assortment of gambling entertainment. Casinos offer classic slots, modern slots with special effects and bonus features, card and table games. Most of them have free demo versions.
  • Bonuses. Operators hold promotions, give players accruals for registration, account replenishment, activity, etc. The casino provides cashback and a multi-level loyalty system that gives more privileges to regular users./li>
  • Financial Policy. Reliable casinos do not hold back money, they work with all popular currencies and payment methods.


To get the most out of playing high dispersion slots, it is recommended to follow a few rules:

  • Before placing bets on money, run demo mode. This will allow you to evaluate dispersion, master the rules and control.
  • Play at licensed online casinos. Only such sites comply with all guarantees to customers. The sites with a license are equipped with original machines. Operators pay out winnings quickly and offer lucrative bonuses. You can choose such an online casino in the rating on our website.
  • Study player reviews. In the comments there is information about how often combinations fall out and bonus features are triggered.
  • Before starting the spins, open the paytable. This will allow you to find out what the maximum amounts are guaranteed to the player, and estimate the level of dispersion.


Those who want to win should choose slots with a good return. But this is not the only criterion. You also need to pay attention to these parameters.

1. Win odds

Before starting the game, it is important to study the paytable. It contains the coefficients by which the bet is multiplied when forming a prize combination. The higher these values, the greater the potential gain. Large coefficients are considered from x5000, but there are indicators higher.

Some slot machines have dynamic paytables. In this case, not the coefficient is indicated, but the amount of the prize for the combination.

2. The presence of a progressive jackpot

Some high-return slots have no limits on winnings. It can reach several million. These are slot machines with a progressive jackpot, where the prize fund is formed from the bets of the players. Anyone can hit the jackpot in the main mode or special rounds.

3. Bonuses and free spins

In slots with a high return, you can use the bonuses that the casino gives (no deposit, for replenishing an account, etc.). Also, they are in the machines themselves. The user can activate free spins – free spins at the expense of the casino, thanks to which there is a chance to win more. They are usually awarded when a certain combination appears. There are also bonus games, special symbols, risk rounds where you can increase the prize money by 2 or 4 times. In some devices there is an offer to purchase bonuses.

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Now we will talk about the main criteria that were used to create our TOP 20 and you will understand why these clubs are better than others and the reasons why it is worth playing on the sites of these projects. The rating is current for 2022 and may change in subsequent years.

Having a license when choosing a club to play is a must! But remember that even a license does not guarantee the honesty of a site working on the Internet! Therefore, it is worth playing only in time-tested and popular virtual halls.

The presence of a license guarantees the impossibility of influencing the course of the game process and regulating the return of slot machines (gaming portals operating under a license do not have access to games). Gives you the opportunity to fight for your rights as a player if they have been violated. That is, you have the opportunity to file a complaint with the controlling organization. Therefore, if you like gambling and play slots, for example, then you should do it only in time-tested clubs. There is no doubt that licensed playgrounds are better than unlicensed ones.

Studying player reviews allows you to make a full-fledged opinion about the casino: about the terms of payments, about the return of slots, etc.

The number of gambling in all virtual halls is different. Games are presented as classic slot machines, as well as various Live and TV games.

There is no doubt that the player should have a choice of what to play, so the clubs are trying to constantly expand the range of games on their projects. Each player should have a choice of what to play, so an online casino with a large number of gambling games is better than one with few of them.

The number of payment systems, limits on depositing and withdrawing money, the need to verify the profile to withdraw funds won are estimated

Один из важнейших факторов при выборе сайта с азартными играми в котором игрок будет проводить свое время – это скорость выплат выигранных средств. Длительное нахождение денег на счете Вашего профиля может привести к тому, что игрок просто их проиграет обратно и это довольно частая проблема.

Поэтому при выборе игрового портала, стоит учитывать с какой скоростью производятся выплаты. Быстрый вывод выигрыша, залог того, что игрок получит деньги и не проиграет их обратно, так и не увидев.

Несомненно клуб в котором вывод денег занимает 5 минут, лучше того где выплату делают раз в 3 дня (увы такие площадки тоже есть). Поэтому выбирая сайт с азартными играми в интернете учитывайте этот параметр.

Withdrawal limits exist in almost 95% of online casinos, in total they are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Daily limit. The maximum amount that can be received on your account during the day.
  2. Weekly limit. The maximum amount that you will withdraw within 1 week.
  3. Monthly. Limiting the amount of money you can receive within one month.

Лимиты есть в большинстве клубов, ну и естественно что чем размер этого лимита выше, тем лучше игроку. Как пример, есть сайты которые выплачивают в сутки максимум 20 000 руб. и есть которые платят 200 000 руб., как понятно, второй вариант намного предпочтительнее. В первом случае выиграв 100 000 руб., Вы будете выводить свой выигрыш в течении 5 дней, а во втором получите его за 1.

After registering on the site, bonuses become available to the player. Some have no deposit with the possibility of a real payout + give money when replenishing an account.

Everywhere such a bonus package is different, so when starting to play, players also pay attention to this. There are virtual rooms that give a gift for the first deposit of 200%, there are no deposits, free spins, etc.

The bonus policy refers to the loyalty system, which we will talk about below. The more welcome gifts, the better for the player.

The presence of a competent support service is a mandatory criterion for getting into the rating.

The way a gaming club treats its players is called a loyalty system. Quality support in your native language. Quick solution of the player’s problems, in general, the creation of the best possible conditions for a comfortable game.

The presence of a personal manager, the provision of birthday bonuses, other unique bonus offers for the client, tournaments and sweepstakes, the cashback system – all this still falls into the loyalty system and, of course, you also need to pay attention to this.

The more popular a gambling club is, the more it monitors its reputation, and therefore does not perform any fraudulent activities and is honest.

Also on the site of popular virtual halls, a large number of players play, which allows you to rotate large amounts of money in slot machines. In such casinos, the probability of winning a large amount of money increases significantly.


As for gaming slots, they are represented by all eminent providers known to the general public, of course, there are also newcomers in this direction.

In recent years, slots themselves have been more and more in demand and are popular with all players without exception, it is unlikely that there will be a person who loves casinos and does not play slots at the same time.

The game in all slot machines is available in the following mode:

  • Demo. Playing in free mode, here the player can generally get acquainted with the gaming slot, with its characteristics, what bonuses it has. You will not lose anything here, but in this mode you cannot win real money.
  • eal account. After making a deposit, you can bet on real money, for example in Russia in rubles, for Ukraine in hryvnia, for Kazakhstan in tenge. By placing bets with money, you have the opportunity to win and receive a payout..

Do not consider gambling as a source of income or earnings. It is worth playing slot machines only for free money with which you are ready to say goodbye painlessly. Playing in a casino is an expensive entertainment!

Attention! Playing for real money in slot machines can lead to loss, loss of your funds.


Users are looking for win-win slot machines, but in fact there are none. The casino always has a certain advantage. The main myth is that slots with high returns are guaranteed to win. This is not true. Recoil is an average value. And the devices themselves work on the basis of a random number generator, and no one can predict their results. There are such misconceptions:

  • The return percentage may change. Some players suggest that after a successful session, the casino reduces the RTP. In fact, this is unrealistic, and the point is not the kindness of the operators, but the fact that the slots are constantly being independently tested, confirming the absence of interference with the results. In addition, casino owners do not have access to the internal algorithms of the slots.
  • Beginners win in slots more often. Users believe that in this way casinos lure customers. This is also a myth. Not a single operator will twist the RNG for the sake of one player.
  • Bonuses. Operators hold promotions, give players accruals for registration, account replenishment, activity, etc. The casino provides cashback and a multi-level loyalty system that gives more privileges to regular users.
  • If the slot does not give a payout for a long time, then soon you can break large prize money in it. This misconception is irrelevant for classic slots, and even more so for online slots. The results of the rotation are formed by the RNG even before it starts. And the time during which users lost does not affect them in any way.


❌ What to do if casinos with winning machines do not work?

Gambling establishments are prohibited on the territory of Russian-speaking countries. This is due to the fact that the state cannot control their activities. To try your hand, find an affordable way to bypass the blocking. Most often, mirrors are used – links that direct to the working version of the site. VPN applications are also popular.

🚫 МCan the return of a slot differ in different casinos?

No, RTP is set by the manufacturer. Operators do not affect this value.

❔ What does the volatility of the machine show?

Volatility (dispersion) affects the frequency and size of payouts. If it is high, the slot gives large, but rare wins, if it is low, the prizes are more frequent, but not so impressive.

🔥 What slots give winnings?

Each gambling slot in the institution is able to give out a prize reward. The peculiarity is that not all slots pay out money often. To receive prizes and withdraw them to your account, you should use only profitable machines that have a high return coefficient and medium volatility.

🔄 Can the casinos themselves change the return percentage?

If companies use licensed software, then any changes to it are excluded. Games run on the servers of providers, and the site only links to them. If the casino is scripted, the above does not apply to it. Accordingly, slots with a high initial RTP can actually be very stingy with prize combinations.

✅ Can the provider cheat by indicating the wrong RTP percentage of the software?

Gaming software from well-known providers is licensed and tested by independent laboratories for compliance with the parameters.

❎ How to evaluate the parameters of a slot without attachments?

For this, a demo mode is suitable, which does not require registration and replenishment of the account.

🔼 What rate of return is considered high?

From 97‒98%. Experienced players do not recommend choosing slots with an RTP of less than 95%.

❓ With what variance are slots better?

The choice depends on the size of the bankroll. If it is small, it is better to play slots with low volatility in order to reduce the chance of losing all the money. If the balance is large, it is better to pay attention to devices with a large dispersion, as they increase the chances of winning big.

🍒 Is it possible to win money at the casino?

Yes, in the casino world it is possible to get money just by playing the gambling machine. However, to increase the chances of winning, you should choose proven devices with good technical characteristics. You should also pay attention to sites with machines. They must be licensed by independent commissions.

🎰 What is the most winning slot machine in 2022?

There is no single answer to this question. There are many interesting devices that often pay out money to their customers. However, it is quite difficult to predict the receipt of the desired winning combination. This is due to the fact that the symbols on the slot drop out using a number generator.

💰 How can I withdraw winnings?

The casino uses bank cards, electronic wallets, payment systems.

💵 How to win money on popular devices?

First, you should practice in demo mode. In it, you can evaluate your chances of winning and understand the approximate principle of work. Next, move on to real bets, investing the minimum amount per 1 line. If the pot grows, bet on more lines. Otherwise, change the device.