Along with roulette and other classical disciplines, other entertainment is also popular on gambling sites. Online baccarat at the casino is among the top five table games with the largest audience. This is facilitated by simple rules with only three possible outcomes and a low entry threshold. The user does not need special skills, and sometimes he does not need to participate in the distribution.


This entertainment is presented on almost any gambling site. When choosing a venue, you can pay attention not only to its presence in the entertainment catalog. The authority of the operator and the conditions offered by him are important.

  • The choice of games.The number of variants of the rules and formats of the distribution
  • Bonuses.The opportunity to receive money from the operator for registration and deposit
  • License.Work permit issued by the Gambling commission
  • Mobile version. The ability to log in from a smartphone through the website and application

To register, the user must be at least 18 years old. If there is no no deposit bonus, you will need to top up your account.


There are several theories of the origin of baccarat. According to the main version, it first appeared in Italy, and Tarot cards were used in the hands. Later, the French replaced them with a 52-card deck. At first, the discipline was popular among the aristocracy, but by the end of the XVI century, ordinary people also played it. The rules have not changed all the time, but all kinds of versions have appeared in different countries.


You can play baccarat at live casino in various formats. The most popular is the European one. The main difference is the presence of the dealer and the opponent opposing him. The users of the site do not participate in the giveaways directly. They place bets on the casino or its rival.

According to European rules, when a banker wins, a small commission of up to 10% is charged from the clients’ winnings.

The second popular format is called Chemin de fer. In it, the dealer either watches the course of the hand, or is absent. One of the users acts as a banker.

Mini-baccarat, or punto-banco, has found success on the Internet. This format is available in slots mode and in the live section. It attracts with the small size of the minimum bet and the accelerated distribution process. It is about him that we will talk.

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The main principles of this discipline are the same in all gambling sites. After learning the basics, the user will be able to participate in hands at any table.


The opponents in baccarat are a banker and another person. They are given from 2 to 3 cards with a certain denomination. The task of the opponents becomes a set of points. Who will eventually get closer to 9 points is declared the winner.


Site visitors can make 3 types of forecasts:

  • On the player.Payout — 1 to 1
  • To the dealer. The payout is 1 to 1 minus the commission of 5%
  • Draw. Opponents will score the same number of points. Payout — 8 to 1

Bets must be placed before the start of the game. After its start, the acceptance of chips stops.


The hand uses a standard deck from deuce to ace without jokers. The latter may be provided by additional rules if the game is played in a non-standard format. Scoring is performed in accordance with the denominations:

  • Ace — 1 point
  • Pictures and ten — zero
  • From 2 to 9 —on merit

The suit does not matter and does not bring advantages. At the beginning of the hand, the banker and the player receive two cards each. Under certain conditions, they may be issued a third.


As such, there are no combinations in baccarat. Opponents must add points from both cards to get the overall result. If it exceeds 10 points, then only the second digit counts. Instead of 11 — 1, not 14, but 4.


The classical rules provide for a situation when, in addition to the starting hand, the banker or his opponent can take a buy. For a rival dealer, everything is simple. If the total number of points is less than 6, he is entitled to a third card. The dealer is given it only under strict conditions:

Player’s Hand Points from the banker Purchase
Without a third card More than 5 No
No 8 3 Yes
Any Up to 2 Yes
Any 7 No
No 4-7 5 Yes
No 8-10, picture or ace 4 Yes

Despite the presence of the purchase, the banker still has a slight advantage over the opponent. Therefore, betting on it is considered the safest. If none of these conditions has been met, the dealer remains with two cards, even if he is in a losing situation.


The winner is announced by the score. Whoever scored the number of points closer to the 9 mark takes the pot.

In some formats, additional payments are provided for obtaining a specific number of points.

Users who do not participate in the hand can bet on one of the parties or a certain outcome:

  • Banquo. The dealer will win. The payout is 1 to 1. A commission of 5-10 is deducted from the amount%
  • Punto.The player will prevail. Prize money is given out in the amount of a bet
  • Draw.If the opponents score an equal number of points, the payout will be 8 to 1

Some operators offer bonus bets on a pair, a small and a large hand. The prize money for them reaches x25 of the amount.


Gambling sites offer many variants of the rules, but more often the distribution is carried out in slot mode. The role of the banker, his opponent and the user’s opponent is the computer. The chances of cards falling out here are determined by a random number generator.


The game of baccarat in a casino with live dealers takes place in a live broadcast format. Visitors to the site see the dealer and can observe his actions. The advantage of this mode is the ability to use various strategies and tactics. The distribution is conducted using a real deck. It is printed out and mixed in front of customers. The result depends on luck, not a random number generator.


Since it is impossible to predict the opening of cards and directly influence the result in baccarat, mathematical systems do not work here. You can try to get into the plus by changing the bet size after certain outcomes:

  • In case of defeat, double the number of chips and repeat the forecast
  • Perform this action until the winning hand
  • After receiving the payout, return to the initial bet amount

In order not to lose everything several times, you need to allocate no more than 5% of the bankroll for the first forecast.

Beginners are advised not to take risks. It is better to bet on the dealer — in this case, the advantage of the casino is 1.06%. In case of prolonged series of failures and after receiving winnings, you should leave the table and take a break.